About Us

Eyeupdate Clinic & Optical Supplies is a private eye care centre established in 2006 which became fully operational in 2007,  And it is duly approved by the Ministry of Health.

Over the years, the eye care centre has evolved to metamorphose into a fully equipped world class eye care centre with Opticians,  Optometrists and Ophthalmologist staff and partners.

 We refract,  diagnose,  manage eye diseases of the ocular system and rehabilitate eyes which have deviated from the normal state. 

We are continuously working to improve and to perfect in order to deliver the very best of eye care services never before attained elsewhere. Our aim is to always provide that professional touch that will keep your eyes keener than the eagle’s eyes. Mitigating the preventable causes of blindness and accentuating excellent vision is the high point of our existence as eye care professionals.

We are combining decades of experience as well as continuing education to ensure a thorough comprehensive eye examination, proper diagnosis of eye diseases and vision disorders, as well as an accurate prescription for your glasses and contact lenses.

To schedule your vision examination, contact us on any of these channels:

Tel/WhatsApp: 07030000001,  08107531046, 08034971582.

Email: eyeupdate@consultant.com

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